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The Bismarck-Mandan Dictionary

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Intersection of 3rd Street & Broadway Avenue
South Third Street as seen from Broadway Avenue.
Third Street runs northbound from Santa Fe Avenue in south Bismarck to Divide Avenue in north Bismarck. Kirkwood and Arrowhead malls both lie on Third Street, which also runs directly through downtown Bismarck.

Third Street is a four-lane road in south Bismarck near Kirkwood Mall and becomes a two-lane residential road before ending at Divide Avenue. Saint Mary's High School is also located off Third Street near Arrowhead Mall at the intersection of Boulevard Avenue.

The Ramkota Inn is located across Third Street from Kirkwood Mall, and several restaurants are also located in this area of Third Street.

Speed: 20 MPH (north of Arikara Avenue)
25 MPH (between Front Avenue & Arikara Avenue)
35 MPH (south of Front Avenue)
# Lanes: Two (north of Main Avenue)
Four (south of Main Avenue)
Intersections: Bismarck Expressway, Main Avenue, Broadway Avenue, Thayer Avenue, Rosser Avenue, Avenue C, Boulevard Avenue, Divide Avenue
Destinations: Ramkota Inn, Kirkwood Mall, Downtown Bismarck, Saint Mary's High, Arrowhead Plaza

*Intended for reference only, not intended to provide complete listing